SRC-B Committees

SRC-B Committee Accomplishments in 2019

The SRCB has four standing committees that do the work of the Council. Every member is expected to serve on a committee.


Executive Committee

This committee provides overall leadership, vision, and guidance. It includes the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Chairs of the other standing committees. Responsibilities include: supervising SRC-B staff; developing and managing SRC-B resources; planning meeting agendas; strategic planning and work plan development; meeting federal and state mandates on time and within budget; and submitting this Annual Report.


Membership and Collaboration Committee

This committee works to maintain a strong, active, and high-functioning Council. This includes: member recruitment; member training and support; public relations and outreach; and coordination of collaborative activities with partner councils.

The membership and collaboration committee has been actively seeking to fill all vacant member seats on the SRC-B. This year, we have been working to recruit a Community Rehabilitation Provider (CRP), three business and labor positions, an educational representative, and most recently, a representative of Tribal VR. An application is currently in process for an educational representative, and we have a strong candidate for a Tribal VR representative. In addition, there were three positions in which current members were able to reapply for another term. The membership and collaboration committee worked to ensure an equitable process occurred for elections of both the council chair and vice chair. We are also actively working with the governor’s office to ensure terms are properly staggered so not all member terms expire at the same time.


Customer Satisfaction Committee

This committee evaluates customer satisfaction and other DSB performance measures, and makes suggestions for program improvement based on their findings; coordinates opportunities for public feedback, and input to the SRC-B Annual Report.

This committee oversees the anonymous satisfaction survey for VR customers closed in the federal fiscal year, conducted by SRC-B staff.  Surveys were completed online. Questions address categories identified in the Governor’s Results Washington initiatives. Participants are encouraged to include written comment on their experience with DSB. This helps capture both analytical data and valuable feedback that allows DSB the opportunity to enhance their programs and customer service.

  • Overall satisfaction: for 2020 was 72%; for 2019 was 80%; for 2018 was 79%
  • Training offered: for 2020 was 84%; for 2019 was 81%; for 2018 was 93%
  • Accuracy of staff: for 2020 was 95%; for 2019 was 84%; for 2018 was 90%
  • Respectfulness of staff: for 2020 was 84%; for 2019 was 80%; for 2018 was 85%
  • The target for all satisfaction measures is 80%.

Survey feedback:

“I'm no longer afraid of challenges because of my legal blindness.  I am able to perform better as it is, and I hold greater hope that more challenges though they may come, somewhere there will unveil people and instruments of possibilities.”

“Everyone was very helpful and I'm glad I made the first call. I had no idea what help was out there.”

“Overall, my experience with DSB was a positive one. I especially appreciated that if I received any new equipment, or requested additional services, I would get a call from DSB to follow up with how things were going, and I thought that it showed how the staff at DSB really cared about whether I was getting adequate services and that meant a lot to me.”

“My experience with DSB has been so wonderful and I feel without their help, support and kindness I would not be in the amazing job that I am today.”


Policy and Planning Committee

This committee provides input to DSB’s internal policies and practices by: identifying opportunities to engage in DSB internal workgroups; giving input on policy changes affecting DSB participants; and supporting DSB’s State Plan forums.


More information on SRC-B activities can be found in the SRC-B Annual Report.