Notice of DSB's Privacy Practices

As a participant of DSB, you will share some personal information with your VR Specialists to help them to work towards your goal of employment. Confidential information refers to all documented and undocumented personal information – including lists of names and photographs – about any past or present applicant or participant in the vocational rehabilitation (VR) program, given or made available to DSB, its representatives, or its agents in the course of the administration of the program.

We respect and value the need to keep that personal information confidential. We want you to understand how any personal information we gather may be used. (WAC 67-25-550)

All personal information must be used only for purposes directly connected with the administration of the vocational rehabilitation program. Personal information shall not be shared with an organization, agency or individual not having official responsibility for administration of the program, except when the following might occur:

  • DSB receives the informed written consent of the participant: Health information is confidential and protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).  Participants must give authorization to use or disclose protected health information.  Release of any participant information related to drug and alcohol use and/or HIV/AIDS is strictly prohibited without specific written consent of the participant in each instance.
  • A response to investigations in connection with law enforcement, fraud, or abuse, unless expressly prohibited by federal or state laws or regulations, or in response to judicial order
  • The individual poses a threat to his or her safety or to the safety of others
  • Release to an organization, agency, or individual for purposes of audit, evaluation, or research directly connected with administration of the vocational rehabilitation program, such as the department's rehabilitation council or for purposes that would significantly improve the quality of life for participants, and only if the organization, agency, or individual assures that:
    • Information shall be used only for the purposes for which it is being provided;
    • Information shall be released only to persons officially connected with the audit, evaluation, or research;
    • Information shall not be released to the participant;
    • Information shall be managed in a manner to safeguard confidentiality; and
    • The final product shall not reveal any personal identifying information without the informed written consent of the participant or the individual's representative.

You may request that misleading or inaccurate information in your record of services be amended and that such request for amendment be documented in your record.