Skills of Blindness Training and Counseling

The goal of IL Services is to provide the skills, the tools, and the confidence individuals with recent vision loss need to live independently. IL Services provide a variety of low vision or blindness skills training. These adaptive skills enable people with vision loss to be independent and successful in their homes and communities.

The IL Services team does not provide housing, care giving, or chore services.  You may be able to find those resources by contacting your local Area Agency on Aging through the Aging and Long-Term Support Administration website.

Daily Living

Successfully accomplish day to day activities.

From personal care to cooking, from cleaning and home management to shopping and recreational activities, the IL Services team can teach adaptive skills to help clients continue to participate in daily living activities.


Maintain a connection to family, friends, and current events.

The IL Services team provides instruction on adaptive skills and services to access media, entertainment, and the news. The team can also help clients use phones and computers to stay in touch with family and friends.

Orientation & Mobility

Move safely around the home and travel independently in the community.

The IL Services team has Orientation and Mobility Instructors who can help participants learn to safely navigate their home, neighborhood, and the rest of the world. Instructors can teach techniques ranging from human guide orientation to the use of non-visual skills and the long white cane for safe and independent travel.

Adjustment Counseling

The IL Services team offers brief adjustment counseling for participants who are experiencing grief, fear, or even anger as their vision declines or are plunged into sudden blindness. Note that this is not crisis counseling or mental health therapy.

Information & Referral

IL Services team members have a comprehensive knowledge of the resources, programs, and benefits available to people with visual impairments. IL Services can provide information on national, state, or community resources and connect participants to other services they may qualify for and benefit from, including talking books, para-transit, and other services.

Get Started

If you or someone you know would benefit from learning adaptive skills, IL Services can help for free. Beginning with an assessment to determine what skills, technology, and resources are needed, the IL Services team will help maximize the participant's strengths and independence through targeted training and specialized aids and devices.

For more information contact us at, call 800-552-7103 or request services online.

Download the Independent Living Program brochure (.pdf)