Aids and Devices

People who are blind or have low vision use Assistive Technology (AT) to do the things they want to do. IL Services can help participants find the right combination of AT aids and devices to help participants regain the desired level of independence in their homes or communities. IL Services team members will help participants learn how to use these devices as well. This could be items such as:

  • Magnifiers to aid in reading, arts and crafts, and other activities
  • Talking watches and personal care items
  • Canes to aid navigation
  • Large print calendars
  • Large button phones, calculators, and other home devices
  • Tactile dots for appliances and home electronics
  • Liquid level indicators and other kitchen gadgets

For more information contact us at, call 800-552-7103 or request services online.

  • Download the Independent Living Program brochure (.pdf)