Independent Living

Independent Living (IL) Services empowers people to live independently in their homes and communities.

IL participants have lost or are losing vision and are experiencing difficulty performing customary life activities due to their vision loss. For most participants, the goal of IL is simply to regain what was lost: the ability to call a friend on the phone, read the latest New York Time’s bestseller, heat up leftovers in the microwave, know what time it is to get to a doctor’s appointment on time, write checks to pay for bills, look at pictures of loved ones, or take a walk in the fresh air.

Through IL services, participants gain the confidence, skills, and alternative techniques necessary to maintain or regain their independence to do all of those things and so much more. They gain the ability to choose their lifestyle and level of independence based on information and knowledge, not perceived limitations.


IL Services are for people who are 24 years old or older and who have vision loss or blindness impacting their ability to live independently in their homes. IL Services are provided to people who are not employed, seeking employment, in school, or planning to go to school.

Individuals who are younger than 24 years old or whose main goal is finding or keeping a job or going to school are better served through the DSB’s Vocational Rehabilitation services.  

Get Started

If you or someone you know would benefit from learn adaptive skills or alternative techniques, IL Services can provide assessments and training at no cost. Beginning with an assessment to determine what skills, technology and resources the participant can use, the IL Services team will help maximize the participant's strengths and independence through targeted training and specialized aids and devices.

For more information contact us at, call 800-552-7103 or request services online.