Vancouver Office

2214 East 13th Street, Suite 208
Vancouver, WA 98661-4120
Phone: 360-735-5190
Fax: 360-690-4663

Hours of Operation
Monday - Thursday
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Bus Route #30 Westbound (to Downtown)

Bus Route #37 Eastbound (from Downtown)

I-5 (Private Vehicle)


Travel to the Vancouver Office via C-Tran Bus service or visit the C-Tran website at

From the #30 bus, westbound (toward downtown):

  • Cross to the south side of Mcloughlin.
  • From the bus shelter, walk in the direction toward the back of the bus (west), cross one driveway (WSSB parking lot) then immediately look for a chainlink gate to enter through.
  • Walk down two or three steps onto campus property and continue straight (with your back to Mcloughlin) for the length of the building that will be on your right.
  • Shortly after the building line ends you will dead-end into dirt or grass.
  • Turn right, putting that grass on your left side. Trail the grass on your left until you find the cement opening (just a few steps) and turn left. (Now your back should be to Mcloughlin again).
  • Walk straight until you dead-end into our building which has automatic double doors that will open for you.
  • Continue straight through the building until you dead-end into a staircase.
  • Turn left (the only option) and walk half the length of the building until you come to a wide opening on the right (lobby) and/or hit the tile from a fireplace on the left.
  • Turn right into the lobby and make another immediate right into the reception office. Please check in at the reception office prior to continuing upstairs to our office. 

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From the #37 bus, eastbound (away from downtown):

  • The bus will be traveling on Millplain. Ask to get off at V Street by Kaiser.
  • As you get off the bus and face the street the bus is on, the door to WSSB is a straight line in front of you just one block north of you on the north side of 13th Street.  Of course it wouldn’t be fun if walking a straight line was all you really had to do so let’s complicate this straight line a bit!
  • Cross to the north side of Millplain (at the corner of V which is just a few steps west/behind the bus) and continue walking straight north along V St. (with your back to Millplain) for one block to 13th street. 
  • Cross to the north side of 13th street and you will dead-end into the campus wrought iron gate. Turn right onto 13th St. looking for a way in the gate.
  • (Now comes the fun part). When you find the opening put your back to the street and walk into the campus. You will walk ¼ circle through the circular driveway/walkway looking for yet another opening on the left.
  • As soon as you find the second opening you must put your back to traffic again (left turn) because the circular driveway gradually turned parallel to 13th St. and you must get out of the circle to go toward the building.

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If traveling by I-5:

  • Exit on Mill Plain (going east).
  • Turn left (north) onto E. Reserve.
  • Turn right (east) onto E. 13th Street. We are located in a three story brick building (Old Main Building) on the left (northside) of E. 13th Street.
  • Visitors can park on either side of the building or in the turn around parking spaces in front of the building.
  • Enter via stairs in front of building (or travel to the left of the building up a sidewalk that will lead you to the north side of the building for elevator access).
  • Turn right after you enter the building and go up one flight of stairs. Our office is the first door at the top of the stairway to the right, Suite 208.

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