State Rehabilitation Council for the Blind

The Washington State Rehabilitation Council for the Blind (SRCB) members are passionate volunteers who represent recipients of rehabilitation services, their families, service providers, educators, advocates, and policy makers. We work together and alongside the DSB to promote excellence in service, leading to independence and meaningful employment for blind and visually impaired people in Washington State.

The SRCB is appointed by the Washington State Governor to provide counsel and guidance to the DSB. The SRCB reviews, evaluates, and makes recommendations to DSB on its plans, policies, and activities to insure that blind or visually impaired people in our state receive the most effective and efficient rehabilitation services possible. In addition to providing direction to the Director of DSB on behalf of the public and consumers, the SRCB also advises and reports to the Governor; makes recommendations to the State Legislature about services that impact the lives of blind people; and, works closely with other state councils, agencies and organizations to enhance the services, opportunities, and rights of Washingtonians who are blind. The SRCB is required in the federal Rehabilitation Act under the federal Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act, and in Washington State statute (RCW 74.18.070‐74.18.100).


If you would like to be considered for appointment to the State Rehabilitation Council for the Blind, complete the online application on the Governor's Boards and Commissions webpage.  Applications may be submitted at any time. For more information or assistance regarding the application process, please contact Meredith Stannard, SRCB for the Blind Liaison,