Youth Programs and Workshops

Why are our programs great for youth who are blind or have low vision?

Our programs give opportunities for youth to:

  • Define their strengths and goals.
  • Learn about educational and career paths.
  • Strengthen daily living skills.
  • Obtain paid and unpaid work experience.
  • Meet others and have fun!

Evidence shows that people who have had work experience prior to entering the labor market have a higher likelihood of defining their vocational goals and securing employment. Our programs provide hands-on experiences, building strong foundations for our youth.

Take a look at one of our youth programs developed to provide students with a taste of a real-world career!


What kinds of programs does DSB offer?

We offer different summer programs based on age level:

Age 9 to 13 - SKILLS

DSB summer camps for independent living skills 

  • One-week program on campus.
  • Focuses on Orientation and Mobility, self-care, social skills, career development, and leisure and recreation.


Ages 13 to 21 - Life-skills Extended Assistance Program

  • A day camp for visually impaired youth ages 14-21 who need extra support before being ready for YES I or Yes II programs.


Age 14 to 15 - Youth Employment Solutions I

  • Two-week summer program for students.
  • Offers career exploration activities that include—career interest and aptitude assessments, worksite visitations, guest speakers, mock applications and interviews and resume development.
  • Includes recreational and daily living experiences as well as participation in community service projects during the second week of the program.
  • Provides students who return for a second year of YES I a total of 3 to 5 job shadow experiences.


Age 16 to High-School Graduation - Youth Employment Solutions II

  • Six-week summer program for high school students.
  • Offers students five weeks of paid work experience based on student interests, experience and ability.
  • Assists in assembling a career education portfolio complete with information on post-high-school services that offer vocational counseling and guidance.
  • Includes a residential living experience that provides students the opportunity to refine their daily living skills, such as planning, purchasing and preparing meals, and maintaining their own personal effects and common living quarters at the YES residence.
  • Teaches public transportation techniques for travel to worksites.
  • Encourages participation in community social and recreational activities.


After High-School Graduation - Bridge Program

Helping Bridge the gap between High School and College

  • Five-week summer session at Eastern Washington University (EWU).
  • Prepares student for the college he/she will enter in the fall.
  • Provides experience away from home, living in a dorm.
  • Consists of courses on college life, study and social skills, and independence as well as opportunities for field trips, Orientation and Mobility lessons, tours of the campus, and recreation.
  • Includes student’s participation in one 5-credit university course of their choosing from the available summer session at EWU.

College Undergraduate - Student Work and Academic Growth (SWAG) 

Work-Study program for blind or visually-impaired youth.

  • Work part-time while taking college courses. 
  • Practice independent living in off-campus housing. 

Other Youth Programs and Workshops 

DSB is developing more programs for blind or visually impaired youth. Please check back often for new program offerings.

Zookeeper for a Day

Transcript for Zookeeper for a Day


For more information on our summer programs and services for children and youth, please contact us, or 800-552-7103.