A Portable QWERTY Solution for Touch Devices

August 2013
By Yang-su Cho, Assistive Technology (AT) Specialist

The portable Rivo keyboard up against a traditional keyboard.
Image Source: http://mobience.com/index_en.html

Still looking for a truly-portable, QWERTY keyboard for your touch devices?

RiVO MQ1000 from Mobience is a credit-card-sized keyboard (3.5x2x0.3) that has 20 keys in 5 columns and 4 rows. Keys in the far-left and far-right columns are function keys that can be used in conjunction with other keys to perform certain tasks.

We know how much we like touch devices such as the iPhone or iPad which have full accessibility built into them. This small, portable keyboard may broaden the concept of accessibility by inviting those who still have challenges with touch-screen-only devices.

This is not a truly-QWERTY keyboard, but it is very similar to it in concept. This device gives users the option to choose a QWERTY or ABC layout for text input. When you press "b1" which is the top button on the second-left column, you will get QWE in QWERTY mode or ABC in ABC mode. QWERTY mode seems to be faster with typing since your fingers automatically move in the direction you are familiar with on your regular keyboard.

RIVO provides users four main functions for IOS devices: Navigation, Media Control, Typing, and Editing. Remembering the proper key commands on this device for desired functions can be a challenge.

Frequent use of the device may be the best option for effective learning. One major benefit of having this device on iOS devices is the Editing function which really reduces our frustrations in selecting, copying, and pasting text. This device makes your editing much easier! Happy editing!!

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