Assistive Technology

What is Assistive Technology and Accommodation?
In general, “Assistive Technology” (AT) is any equipment used by people with disabilities to help them function better.

“Accommodation” is an adjustment to the environment used by people with disabilities to help them function at a level equal to their peers.

Examples of typical AT devices or accommodations for someone who is blind or has low vision are:

  • Software to magnify a computer-screen view or to have what appears on the computer screen voiced or Brailled
  • Handheld or desktop electronic magnifiers to see small print
  • Devices to scan and voice a printed document, flier, or book
  • Changes in lighting to reduce glare or increase visibility
  • Adjustments to a workstation layout to improve workflow & ergonomics

At Department of Services for the Blind (DSB), we help you find the right combination of AT devices and accommodations to help you keep or get a job.

What can DSB do for my AT needs?
Our AT Specialists:

  • Conduct comprehensive job site evaluations to identify how an employee who is blind or has low vision will do their job.
  • Recommend adaptive technologies and reasonable accommodations that might be required for the employee to do their job efficiently and effectively.
  • Serve as a resource for choosing and purchasing devices.
  • Train employees on how to use their devices.

Where can I find more information on AT?
Check out the AT Scoop, DSB's monthly online column devoted to AT!

How do I apply for services?
Request services online. Or contact us at 800-552-7103 or for more information.