Aids and Devices

What is Assistive Technology and Accommodation?

In general, “Assistive Technology” (AT) is any equipment used by people with disabilities to help them function better.

“Accommodation” is an adjustment to the environment used by people with disabilities to help them function at a level equal to their peers.

Examples of typical AT devices or accommodations for someone who is blind or has low vision are:

  • Software to magnify a computer-screen view or to have what appears on the computer screen voiced or Brailled
  • Handheld or desktop electronic magnifiers to see small print
  • Devices to scan and voice a printed document, flier, or book
  • Changes in lighting to reduce glare or increase visibility
  • Adjustments to a workstation layout to improve workflow & ergonomics

Through the Department of Services for the Blind, our Community Providers can help you find the right combination of AT devices and accommodations to help you maintain your independence.

Feel free to browse our device library. If you see something you think you’d find helpful, talk to your provider and they can request it for you.

3X Handheld Illuminated Magnifier8X Aspheric Stand MagnifierSafety Eyewear, Black Frame, Clear Ultra-Dura Hardcoat Lens

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