Qualified Service Providers

What is a Qualified Service Provider?

DSB contracts with Qualified Service Providers to meet the service needs of our customers that may exceed the availability of current staff.

Qualified Service Providers may be contracted to provide services in:

Many of our qualified providers also contract with other public as well as private entities.

How does one become a DSB Qualified Service Provider?

DSB established a qualification process for service providers based on standards established by the Washington State Human Resources job classification specifications, national certification boards and industries that are applicable.  When a service provider is employed in an occupation for which national, state or industry standards have not been established, DSB may adopt standards as appropriate to ensure quality services. In addition, all providers who have unsupervised access to DSB customers must go through a national, fingerprint-based background check and receive clearance to become qualified.

Terms and Conditions

Organizations working with DSB must adhere to the General Terms and Conditions located on this website. 

For more information on Qualified Service Providers, please call us at 800-552-7103.