WAC 67-25-553

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VR program exit – Employment outcome
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Public Comment Period: 
05/30/2018 to 07/01/2018
WAC Change Summary: 

no substantive changes

WAC Proposed Text: 

(1) The record of services of an individual who has achieved a competitive and integrated employment outcome may be closed only if all of the following requirements are met:

(a) The individual has achieved the employment outcome that is described in the individual's individualized plan for employment in accordance with WAC67-25-240 and is consistent with the individual's unique strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, interests, and informed choice, and in a competitive and integrated employment setting.

(b) The individual has maintained the competitive and integrated employment outcome for an appropriate period of time, having achieved job stability not less than ninety days, and the individual no longer needs vocational rehabilitation services.

(c) At the end of the appropriate period under (b) of this subsection, the individual and the department's rehabilitation counselor consider the competitive and integrated employment outcome to be satisfactory and agree that the individual is performing well in the employment.

(d) The individual is informed through appropriate modes of communication of the availability of post-employment services in accordance with WAC67-25-593 and 67-25-450.

(2) The individual shall be notified of the decision to exit services and appeal procedures in accordance with WAC67-25-600.


[Statutory Authority: Chapter 74.18 RCW. WSR 05-08-097, § 67-25-540, filed 4/4/05, effective 5/5/05; WSR 98-23-078, § 67-25-540, filed 11/17/98, effective 12/18/98. Statutory Authority: Chapter 74.15 RCW. WSR 95-06-057, § 67-25-540, filed 2/28/95, effective 3/31/95. Statutory Authority: 1983 c 194 § 18. WSR 84-01-042 (Order 83-08), § 67-25-540, filed 12/15/83. Formerly WAC67-20-540.]

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