WAC 67-25-250

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Individualized plan for employment - Annual reviews.
Change Year: 
Public Comment Period: 
05/30/2018 to 07/01/2018
WAC Change Summary: 

No substantive changes

WAC Proposed Text: 

1) The individualized plan for employment shall be reviewed as necessary but at least annually. The participant, or if appropriate, the participant's representative, shall be given an opportunity to review the plan and jointly redevelop and agree to its terms.

(2) Services shall be modified as needed and incorporated into the plan. The addition of services as agreed to by participant and VR counselor does not require participant signature.

(3) If it is determined that the employment outcome of the participant will be changed, or that services will be deleted from the plan, the new plan shall not take effect until agreed upon and signed by the participant, or if appropriate, the individual's representative, and the vocational rehabilitation counselor.

(4) If a participant's vision is restored so that he or she is not blind, as defined in WAC 67-25-009, further services shall be limited to those identified in an assessment of vocational rehabilitation service needs in accordance with WAC 67-25-205.

(5) If the participant has other disabilities, which result in an impediment to employment, the individual will be referred to the appropriate organization(s) for assistance.

(6) The individualized plan for employment review may be conducted with a qualified vocational rehabilitation counselor who is not employed by the department.

(a) However, in such cases, the department vocational rehabilitation counselor shall have final signature authority on the review and any changes to the plan.

(b) The department will not pay fees or other expenses associated with obtaining assistance from such individuals.


[Statutory Authority: Chapter 74.18 RCW. WSR 05-08-097, § 67-25-275, filed 4/4/05, effective 5/5/05. Statutory Authority: Chapter 74.15 RCW. WSR 95-06-057, § 67-25-275, filed 2/28/95, effective 3/31/95. Statutory Authority: 1983 c 194 § 18. WSR 84-01-042 (Order 83-08), § 67-25-275, filed 12/15/83. Formerly WAC67-20-275.]

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