WAC 67-25-220

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Assessment - Work skills.
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Public Comment Period: 
05/29/2018 to 06/26/2018
WAC Change Summary: 

Moved earlier in chronology to group with other assessment chapters. Term "sufficient" replaced with "clear & convincing" that participant cannot benefit

WAC Proposed Text: 

(1)(a) A work skills assessment is a process of providing assessment and related vocational rehabilitation services, after eligibility, to a participant with significant disabilities, for the purpose of collecting information necessary to assess his or her capability to continue benefiting, in terms of a competitive and integrated employment outcome, from vocational rehabilitation services due to the significance of his or her disability.

     (b) The individualized plan for employment, developed in accordance with WAC 67-25-230, must be inactivated while the participant is involved in the work skills assessment.

(2) A work skills assessment plan will be created by the VR counselor and the VR participant and include:

     (a) Intermediate objectives that outline steps or activities that will determine what barriers are preventing the participant from making successful progress in their individual plan for employment;

     (b) Responsibilities of the participant and VR counselor for the achievement of each individual objective;

     (c) Methods for evaluating progress;

     (d) Vocational services which support the achievement of each intermediate objective;

     (e) Timelines for the overall work skills assessment plan and each service;

     (f) Cost for each service with consideration of comparable benefits per WAC67-25-283;

     (g) Comments from the participant regarding the objectives, services and service providers;

     (h) A statement that the individualized plan for employment can be amended at any time during the life of the individualized plan for employment; and

          (i) Signatures of both the participant and VR counselor. The signature date will reflect the date the work skills assessment plan is signed.

(3) A work skills assessment may take place more than once and may extend as long as necessary to determine that:

     (a) There is sufficient evidence that the participant can benefit from vocational rehabilitation services and achieve a competitive and integrated employment outcome and is to continue to receive vocational rehabilitation services; or

     (b) There is clear and convincing evidence based on functional and situational assessments that the participant cannot benefit from vocational rehabilitation services and achieve a competitive and integrated employment outcome, due to the significance of his or her disability, and is no longer eligible for vocational rehabilitation services, and the case is closed in accordance with WAC67-25-575 and 67-25-593.

[Statutory Authority: 34 C.F.R. 361.42, the Rehabilitation Act and Washington state Constitution. WSR 08-19-068, § 67-25-595, filed 9/15/08, effective 10/16/08.]

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