WAC 67-25-021

WAC Caption: 
Vocational rehabilitation grant - Purpose
Change Year: 
Public Comment Period: 
05/30/2018 to 07/01/2018
WAC Change Summary: 

New, describes expanded customer of VR - business through tighter connections to Workforce Development System, and individuals with visual disabilities

WAC Proposed Text: 

Under the U.S. Department of Education's state vocational rehabilitation services program, the Washington state department of services for the blind is provided a grant to assist in operating a statewide comprehensive, coordinated, effective, efficient, and accountable vocational rehabilitation program for individuals with visual disabilities, which is:

(1) An integral part of a statewide workforce development system; and

(2) Designed to assess, plan, develop, and provide vocational rehabilitation services for individuals with visual and other disabilities, consistent with their unique strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, interests, and informed choice so that they may prepare for and engage in competitive integrated employment and achieve economic self-sufficiency.

WAC Current Text: 

New addition to the Washington Administrative Code.

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