YS Situational Awareness & Personal Safety

A stick figure is walking down the street looking at a smart phone. Since he is distracted, he is about to step into an open manhole. Learn to move confidently and safely through the world.

There’s more to getting around safely than proper cane use or dog guide training. Everyone needs to maintain awareness of their surroundings to navigate their environments safely, and know what to do when you don’t feel safe.

This workshop will give students a chance to discuss environments where they feel safe and what makes an environment feel more or less safe, then learn activities to overcome these feelings. Students will focus on: 

  • Confident walk and gait instruction
  • Role playing asking for directions
  • Bus and public conversation
  • Learning and practicing the Hines break 
  • Practicing “No” and “Stop” statements
  • The Smart911 app and giving directions
  • Releases and defensive stances


Saturday, February 23, 2019
9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.  




Blind and Low Vision students ages 9 - 21.
Parents and/or guardians are encouraged to attend. 


DSB Seattle Office
3411 S. Alaska Street
Seattle, WA 98118


To register, contact Janet George by February 13, 2019 at janet.george@dsb.wa.gov or call 206-906-5530.

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