Public Hearing on Changes to Agency's Washington Administrative Code

WAC Public Comment Forum Postponed

The public comment forum scheduled for February 7, 2018 has been postponed in order to re-submit changes to the state.

A new public comment date has not been determined yet. We will post that date as soon as it is announced.

If you have questions, please contact us at


Reason for proposed changes

The Department of Services for the Blind derives the authority to provide vocational rehabilitation services for individuals with visual disabilities through the federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as most recently amended and reauthorized in 2014 under Title IV of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). The federal regulations that interpret the WIOA legislation were finalized in 2016, and the agency’s policies have needed to be revised to reflect those changed regulations.

While the bulk of the proposed WAC changes reflect the policies of the vocational rehabilitation program for the agency, DSB has taken the opportunity to update and refresh language in the agency’s WAC chapters for policy on public records (67-10) and general administration (67-16).


The MS Excel document entitled “WAC revision – chapter crosswalk” provides quick access to links to the old version of a specific WAC;  a current proposed WAC number and title (or an indication that the old WAC chapter is proposed to be deleted); and a synopsis of changes made. This list is also available online.

The second attached document entitled “~WAC changes summarized Final” is a proposed complete set of all WAC chapters pertaining to the agency’s vocational rehabilitation program, listed as WAC chapters 67-25. Many of the WAC chapters here have been renumbered to provide an alternative flow, as well as reflecting the changes in federal regulations.

The third attached document entitled “WAC 67-10 and 16 Revisions FINAL” is a smaller set of WAC chapters reflecting proposed changes to public records and general administration. Because these chapters are less voluminous and readability is still feasible, the track changes mechanism has been left explicit for these chapters.

Public Comment

Public comment period to be announced.

Your input is important and we encourage the public to participate in this process by:

  • Reviewing proposed changes
  • Sending in comments
  • Attending hearings

An in person public comment forum will be held in the near future. If you prefer to provide your comment to the changes before then, please send them to . The collected public comments and agency response will be posted to the DSB website shortly after the public comment event, hopefully as soon as within a week.

If you have questions or concerns beforehand, please email or call the 1-800-552-7103. Thank you in advance for your thoughtful review and input!