Good Vibes Friday - June

The words “Good Vibes Only!” in large purple letters in a large gray circle. Behind the circle are multiple orange, green, and yellow arrows.

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Are you tired from a long week of school?  Or are you simply looking for a night with friends without going out?

Join us during Good Vibe Fridays!

We’ll get together on the second Friday of every month this school year from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. with “chill time” for the last half hour. 

Eat snacks, have real conversations about important topics, and encounter a safe space to share our lived experiences. Too nervous to eat on camera? Me too! It’s ok to turn off your camera while snacking. You can even come late or leave early! We’ll also play games that are accessible to all!  


Blind and low vision students ages 14 - 21 who live in Washington state and are registered with Department of Services for the Blind. Students not currently registered, can contact us for more information.




Virtually! Meetings will take place over Zoom. Reminders and Zoom links will be sent each month to students who register for that month’s session.


Sign up below by Wednesday, June 7. If you’re interested or have questions, email