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Coming to the end of your high school years is an exciting time to celebrate your achievements and prepare for the next steps in life. 

Many students exploring the possibility of attending college after high school have found several advantages to participating in college readiness workshops and programs. 

The newly designed BRIDGE program is a 2-week residential college readiness program for students who are eager to explore transitioning to college from high school.

In this program, you and your other college-bound peers will experience independent living on a university campus while attending various workshops that ready you for what it takes to be successful in your post-high school program of choice. 

The best part about this program is that you get to immerse yourself in all that campus life has to offer and the amazing experiences and memories that you gain with your friends throughout BRIDGE as you take that next step together.

During the program, students will receive access to:

  • Room & board at the EWU campus
  • A meal plan that provides all meals, snacks and beverages for the duration of the program
  • Access to laundry facilities and a pre-loaded laundry card
  • Access to campus-wide recreational facilities
  • Access to campus technology labs and other internet needs
  • A bus pass for getting around town and for trips into Spokane.



Classroom Experience

To conclude the program, you will attend our simulated college classroom where you will get to experience the true change from a high school classroom to a college classroom. Our instructor will take you through the first steps into college expectations and best practices. Finally, you and your peers will collaborate on a college-level project to prepare you for day one of your post-high school program.


This event celebrates your completion of the BRIDGE program and highlights your progress and achievement after your time in the program.



    Students between 17 and 21 years-old in a completed VR plan with a VR counselor through the Department of Services for the Blind are eligible to attend BRIDGE. 

    Students must also have:

    • A strong commitment to learning about transitioning to colleges, universities, or other post-high school programs.
    • A high level of independent living and self-management skills.
    • Strong Orientation & Mobility skills.
    • Some tech literacy including keyboard entry, email and internet access, and accessing word processing and presentation tools.



    Move-In Day

    Sunday July 16, 2023, starting at 1:00 p.m.

    Week 1

    Monday, July 17 through Sunday, July 23, 2023

    Week 1 consists of getting cozy in your dorm and on your new campus with your peers. This will be time where you get to learn how to live in a residential dorm setting with others, access all campus services, learn where all your workshops will take place and where you can get some food and drink with your friends when you are hungry after that study session. 
    This week also explores the importance of advocating for yourself and for managing your own needs in various new settings. DSB staff and youth mentors will be there to support you if you need guidance or help with tricky situations. 

    Week 2

    Monday July 24 through Saturday July 29, 2023

    This week, we dive into what knowledge and skills you will need to make your transition to college an easy and successful move. In the second week, you will engage in various workshops, focused on the on-boarding into a college program and how you would access accommodations and supports through the Students with Disabilities Services Office. You will also get to explore the technologies and tools that will help you and your peers succeed in post-high school education and training.





    Eastern Washington University
    Cheney Campus 



      If you are ready to apply for this no-cost program, please fill out the attached application and follow the instructions to submit by e-mail. You can also visit to fill out the online application. All Applications and required materials are due by Monday, May 15, 2023. If you have any additional questions or want to make sure that this program is right for you, please reach out to the BRIDGE Program team. 

      The BRIDGE Team

      Ryan Scott

      Jazmin Rials