2010 Outcomes and Results


Results of State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2010 include:

  • Despite the high (over 10%) unemployment rate in Washington, 130 customers went to work in, or retained competitive jobs.
    • The average wage was $16/hour, despite the current downward pressure on wages.
    • Fifty-nine percent (59%) of these employment outcomes included benefits.
    • Twenty-three (23) high-school-age students participated in our Youth Employment Solutions (YES) program and benefited from paid summer work experiences.
  • We received $138,600 in Social Security Administration (SSA) reimbursements (down from $643,000 last year).
  • Internally, we served 176 Independent Living (IL) customers under the age of 55. Eight (8) of them became VR customers.
  • We served 1,192 Independent Living Older Blind (ILOB) persons, more than we had anticipated, by creatively leveraging funds.
  • Our Business Enterprise Program (BEP) generated results that benefit the state as a whole:
    • $20,086,924 in gross sales.
    • $1,827,910 return in tax dollars to the state.
    • 382 people were employed by BEP vendors.

DSB’s internal operations demonstrate growing efficiencies, while modeling diversity and a positive agency culture:

  • 30% of DSB employees are blind or have other disabilities and all DSB jobs are accessible.
  • DSB has a high level of employee satisfaction; DSB’s overall rating of 4.20 in the most recent Employee Climate Survey ranks us as 4th among 33 state agencies.

For more information, contact us at 800-552-7103 or info@dsb.wa.gov.