2013 Outcomes and Results

Results of Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2013 include:


  • One hundred nineteen (119) customers (Download Adobe Reader)went to work in competitive jobs with an average wage of $19.89 per hour.
  • Our Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) program served 1,240 customers in FFY 2013. pa
  • Our Business Enterprise Program (BEP) provides opportunities for our customers to operate successful food service businesses in government buildings that benefit the state and our economy as a whole. In FFY 2013:
    • Twenty-five (25) facilities combined had total sales of more than $9,400,000.
    • $440,000 had been collected as sales tax from all facilities.
    • $188,000 had been collected as payroll tax from all facilities.
    • BEP’s Healthy Vending Initiative has been working with the King County Health Department and the State Department of Health to increase the amount of healthy choices found in snack vending machines.
  • The Orientation and Training Center (OTC) served 48 customers, which included:
    • 39 full-time residential students
    • Three (3) full-time and six (6) part-time commuting students
    • Twenty-three (23) students attended the OTC's workshops
    • Three (3) students took the distance Braille course

Independent Living

  • In the Independent Living Part B Program, we provide services to adults who are blind or have low vision, under age 55, and do not choose employment. Some of these individuals choose an employment track after receiving our IL services. In FFY 2013, we served 72 individuals in this category.
  • Our Independent Living Older Blind program (contracted through the University of Washington and local providers), which helps older people who are blind or have low vision who don’t wish to work remain independent in their homes, served 1,467 individuals.

School-to-Work Transition (Age 14 to High School Graduation)

  • The DSB Youth Employment Solutions (YES) provided 24 high school students who are blind or have low vision with paid summer work experiences in a variety of job settings.
  • The Bridge program enrolled seven (7) high school graduates in summer courses at Eastern Washington University, where they learned how to advocate for and secure accommodations in higher education programs, experienced life in the dorm, and developed systems for navigating the college campus.

Birth to Age 13

  • We served 119 children from birth to age 13.
  • DSB sponsored a week-long day camp, Summer Camp for Independent Living Skills (SCILS), for nine (9) students, ages 9 through 13, from the Puget Sound area.  The focus of this day camp was on the expanded core curriculum: independent living skills, recreation, technology and orientation and mobility.

For more information, contact us at 800-552-7103 or info@dsb.wa.gov.