OTC Student Training and Employment Program

Student Training and Employment Program (STEP)

The Orientation and Training Center (OTC) collaborates with businesses in the Seattle area to offer unpaid internships to students who would benefit from real-life work experience.

Based on the student’s career interests, aptitudes and strengths, students participating in STEP complete an internship during their final term at the OTC.

What jobs can people who are blind or have low vision do?
Almost any job you can think of, people who are blind or have low vision can do and are doing! Customer service, clerical, sales, computers/IT, teaching/training, bookkeeping, outreach, managing people and programs,assembly and production, cooking…just to name a few.

What will my business gain from STEP?
Businesses gain temporary employees with a variety of skills and talents for little or no cost to you.  STEP participants can help you meet your bottom line while they receive on-the-job experience.

How long are the internships?
We ask that interns work three or more days per week, for at least a couple of hours each day, and two to three months at a time. But we will be flexible to work with the business’ timeframe.

What are the business’ responsibilities?

  • Provides all of the workplace training, equipment, and support to the intern, as they would for any volunteer or intern.
  • Does not have to provide specialized equipment for the intern, such as talking computer programs, etc.

What are DSB’s responsibilities?

  • Pre-screens individuals to select the most qualified person to be your intern.
  • Ensures that the person has the requisite skills needed to get to work on time and be ready to go. 
  • Provides the individual with any needed specialized equipment, such as talking computer programs, Braille displays, etc.


For more information on the OTC, contact us at info@dsb.wa.gov or 800-552-7103.