Business Enterprise Program Vendors Committee

What is the Blind Vendors’ Committee?
Blind vendors, or “operators,” of Washington State’s Business Enterprise Program (BEP) may serve on this committee to participate with the Department of Services for the Blind (DSB) in:

  • Major administrative decisions, policy and program development.
  • Receiving and transmitting to the agency grievances at the request of blind vendors.
  • Development and administration of a state system for the transfer and promotion of blind vendors.
  • Development of training and retraining programs of blind vendors.
  • Co-sponsoring, with the agency, meetings and instructional conferences for blind vendors throughout the state.

How do I join the committee?
BEP’s blind vendors elect their peers to serve on the committee for a two-year term.

Committee Minutes
View visual versions (PDF) with Adobe Reader. The Microsoft Word Viewer can be used to view the text (.docx) versions.


For more information on BEP and the Blind Vendors' Committee, contact Jim Hemmen at 360-725-3844.