Orientation and Training Center Classes


The Orientation and Training Center (OTC) runs on a six-week term cycle and offers the following core curriculum classes each term:

  • Home Management
    Learn adaptive skills in cleaning, clothing care, and meal preparation so that you can manage your home, meeting your personal and family needs.

  • Braille
    Learn to read and write uncontracted Braille for personal use as well as contracted or literary Braille for reading published materials.

  • Computers
    Learn Microsoft applications (such as Outlook, Word, and Excel) and how to navigate the Internet using speech, Braille, large print access technology or various combinations.

  • Orientation and Mobility (O&M)
    Learn how to use non-visual skills and the long white cane to maximize safe and independent travel.

  • Home Maintenance
    Learn a variety of skills related to using tools safely and maintaining one's home.

  • Seminar
    Discuss issues related to blindness, hear special speakers, and plan and lead group discussions on topics coordinated by the students and staff.

  • Career Class
    Explore vocations by taking interest and personality inventories. Connect with employed blind people who will share information on their jobs. Learn about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and how it applies to both the job search and the prevention of job discrimination.

The OTC offers the following courses on an as-needed or rotational basis:

  • Intensive Workshops
    For those customers who cannot attend the regular six-week term, the OTC offers week-long intensive workshops twice per year (spring and fall). Course content depends on the customer needs and can include any of the wide-range of topics offered at the Center.

  • Braille Distance Course
    The OTC offers Braille instruction to DSB customers interested in learning Braille but not able to attend the OTC program or have limited resources in their community for weekly instruction. The class meets weekly for two hours via toll-free phone.

  • Dependable Strengths
    Founded by Dr. Bernard Haldane, the Dependable Strengths Class presents a new and innovative way for students to showcase their unique talents and strengths to potential employers. Using group discussion and individual work, the class leads students through a structured, time-tested process to (1) identify their dependable strengths and (2) express those dependable strengths to employers in both verbal and written form.

  • Note-Taking  
    This class provides a comprehensive approach to note-taking, in both the theoretical and practical sense. Instructors and students will discuss the importance of note-taking, share general tips and strategies, and also demonstrate adapted methods for improving note-taking effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Other Classes
    Based on need or student goals, the OTC may schedule classes or workshops throughout the year. These classes may include—diabetic health and education, food safety and nutrition, self-defense, first aid, and CPR.

For more information on the OTC, contact us at info@dsb.wa.gov or 800-552-7103.