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Welcome to the AT Scoop! This is where you’ll find tidbits of knowledge about technology that works for people - instead of the other way around!

Each month, a different member of our Assistive Technology (AT) group will be bringing you news, expertise and personal viewpoints on the world of Blindness/Low Vision AT.

Stay tuned to learn about the latest technology, troubleshooting tips, helpful strategies, creative job accommodations, and much more!

August 2013
By Yang-su Cho, Assistive Technology (AT) Specialist

The portable Rivo keyboard up against a traditional keyboard.
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Still looking for a truly-portable, QWERTY keyboard for your touch devices?

July 2013
By Loren Dong, Assistive Technology (AT) Technician

A lot of talk has been going on regarding the new technology of Microsoft Windows 8. The latest computers running Windows 8 and also Windows 8 RT for mobile devices have the ability to use either the keyboard or touch screen. For those who are blind or have limited vision, using a computer for work, school or everyday activities can be difficult if not nearly impossible if they have to rely on the use of the mouse to operate the computer.

June 2013
By Sue Porter, Adaptive Technology (AT) Specialist



Here is a sampling of free and low-cost, blind and low vision AT resources with an emphasis on Washington State. You can find many others on the Internet.

May 2013
By Mario Eiland, Assistive Technology (AT) Specialist

Apple has incorporated a screen magnification application called Zoom and a screen reader called VoiceOver.

April 2013
By Naomi Namekata, Assistive Technology (AT) Specialist

In today’s workplace using more than one monitor is commonplace. The reason is pretty clear; being able to see two or more applications at the same time is helpful! This is especially true for tasks like copying and pasting or inputting data from one program to another. There is now support from a couple of the mainstream magnification software programs so low vision users can take advantage of multiple monitors, too.

March 2013
By Michael Mello, Access Technology (AT) Specialist

Everyone likes learning about free options, so in this month’s installment of the AT Scoop, I am taking a look at NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA).

February 2013
By Sharon Ferrell, Assistive Technology (AT) Specialist

There’s a lot of glamorous technology out there, especially in the computer world. Tablet PC’s and smartphones are everywhere! Computers are being offered in sleek, all-in-one packages. 

New and exciting is certainly wonderful, but today I want to tell you about a good old staid and reliable piece - the monitor arm. Don’t stop reading! Monitor arms may not be glitz and glamour but they are valuable components for the computer user with low vision!