State Rehabilitation Council

The State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) is an advisory group of volunteers appointed by the Governor who provide counsel and recommendations on the progress of our agency.

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The SRC supports the Department of Services for the Blind (DSB) by:

  1. Providing counsel to the director in developing, reviewing, making recommendations, and agreeing on the department's state plan for vocational rehabilitation, budget requests, permanent rules concerning services to blind persons, and other major policies which impact the quality or quantity of services for blind persons;

  2. Undertaking annual reviews with the director of the needs of blind persons, the effectiveness of the services and priorities of the department to meet those needs, and the measures that could be taken to improve the department's services;

  3. Annually making recommendations to the governor and the legislature on issues related to the department, other state agencies, or state laws which have a significant effect on the opportunities, services, or rights of blind persons;

  4. Advising and making recommendations to the governor on the criteria and qualifications pertinent to the selection of the director;

  5. Performing additional functions as required by the federal rehabilitation act of 1973 as now or hereafter amended.

Members of the SRC include former and current customers of DSB, parents of children and youth who are blind or have low vision, advocates, Labor and Industry representatives, employees of state educational agencies, and business owners.

What these members have in common is their leadership, commitment to DSB’s mission, and desire to develop and help grow the future of services for people who are blind or have low vision.

To apply for an appointment to the SRC, complete the State of Washington's Application for Gubernatorial Appointment to a Board or Commission AND email your resume to Debbie Cook.

For additional information on the State Rehabilitation Council, contact the council chair, Sue Ammeter.